HEM Crew communiqué for HEM 2018 – 7th April 2018

April 27, 2018 - 7 minutes read


Dear visitor friends, track drivers,

After a long moment of silence, we’ve decided to write this to explain the situation.

Organizing a HEM is time consuming and has a lot of surprises, but rest assured, we are doing
everything we can to prepare a quality event.

We had to face the choice of either cancelling the 2018 edition, or making huge concessions
on the essence of the HondaEuroMeet … We then thought of those who had already booked their
weekend, and those who have been loyal to us for the past 8 years and have finally decided to maintain
this 9th edition.

As you may know, many changes have and will take place on the Clastres race track, and we, organizers
and visitors, must deal with that.

The Track will go through several phases of work, reducing the space available and limiting the access
to the site (Review of the access road, creation of real paddocks…etc). As you can understand, this has
a direct impact on an event the size of the HondaEuroMeet.

Last year already we played with the limits and had an exemption for the organization of the
static side of the event, which had caused some inconvenience despite the risks we took.

Today, it is no longer allowed to organize events in the area we used to use, for the simple reason that
it is no longer considered as a hosting area for the public, in accordance with the recent FFSA
homologation of the track. So, for this year, we are unfortunately forced to separate the two cores of
the HEM, having had no time to find a better solution.

Obviously, we disapprove of this separation which goes against the main concept we created
in 2011; the one of bringing together all Honda fans, be it static or track. Although this
idea had already suffered during the 2017 edition, we had hopes of an improvement of the situation
this year. Nevertheless, we will do our best to make this 2018 edition of the HEM as
nice as the previous ones and are working on organizing a better version for 2019, to
celebrate our 10th edition in the best way possible!

We still have to organize the last details, but we can already tell you that :
‐ The access will be, for all, via the new site (we will mark the way from the usual road).
‐ The campsite will be exclusively on the new site.

Concerning more specifically our track drivers :
‐ The “Track area” will be positioned on the usual area of the track, and the paddocks will be
where the Car Podium used to be.
‐ A specific entry will be dedicated to you, this will avoid any loss of time in the queue on arrival.
‐ The installation must be done on the Saturday morning (the opening hours of the paddocks
will be arranged consequently).
‐ Access between the two sites will be possible at fixed times for cars needing access to the
track, their driver and accompanying persons. (Basically, every few hours).
‐ The track drivers will not be allowed to sleep on the track side. You will have to spend the night
in the static area. For those who wish to leave their car / equipment in the track area, this will
be of course possible, and a team of guards will be dedicated to that area for the whole
weekend (day and night).
‐ Access to the paddocks will be, as last year, closed to the public. (except track drivers and
Accompanying persons, of course).
‐ Amenities will be made available to you (showers and toilets) and a catering point for the pilots
and their companions.
‐ A water and electricity point will be made available to all track drivers in the paddocks area.
‐ For organizational reasons, we will no longer offer half‐day passes.
‐ Track experience sessions may no longer be available.

For our friends visiting the static area :
‐ The change of area will not have a direct impact on the outcome of your Honda Euro Meet, as
the area is similar to the one you knew, only larger.
‐ The new implementation will allow us to manage the entries more effectively and faster than
‐ We will take advantage of this additional area to offer you new activities throughout the
weekend, to which we will give you more details in another communiqué.
‐ You will now officially have access to a hillock, to check out the cars on the track, accessible
from the new static area. For this, we will organize a system of free shuttles
to access it (about 1.2km). It will also be possible to access it on foot for the braver ones. We
are also studying the access to free 4 and 6 seater bicycles. Motorized vehicles will be, as usual,
forbidden on the site (petrol or electrical), in order to avoid any overflows.
‐ Track cars will be displayed Saturday night, on the static side, so that all can admire the work
done on them.

We would like to thank you for your patience, despite our lack of communication for
the last few months. We are finally able to bring you more information regarding the 2018 edition of
the Honda Euro Meet and hope to once again organize an event at the height
of your expectations.

For general questions about the Honda Euro Meet, or suggestions, do not hesitate to send us an email
to info@hondaeuromeet.com, for questions or circuit registrations, send us an
email to track@hondaeuromeet.com.

If you want to be part of the adventure and join our team, info@hondaeuromeet.com.

See you soon,
The HEM Crew.