Friday 25th August : 7pm to midnight | If you arrive with a group of cars after these hours : please warn us !

Saturday 26th August : 7am to midnight | After midnight, you will not be able to leave the site. You’ll have to wait until Sunday morning.

Sunday 27th August : 7am to 6pm.

*We strongly recommend all those going on track to arrive Friday evening or Saturday at 7am to be there for the briefing.



Friday evening : 35€ per car + 1 passenger | +10€ per extra passenger.

Saturday : 30€ per car + 1 passenger | +10€ per extra passenger.

Sunday : 15€ per car + 1 passenger | +5€ per extra passenger.


Motorbikes and visitors

Friday evening : 10€ per person.

Saturday : 10€ per person.

Sunday : 5€ per person.


One wristband per person will be given, you have to keep on all weekend.

*Friday and Saturday prices are for the whole weekend.


Temporary leaving

If you leave the site Friday or Saturday evening to sleep at a hotel, make sure you keep your bracelet on your wrist! If you take it off we will not let you in, and you will have to pay again.


Definitive leaving

If you leave before 7pm on Saturday, we will give you a 10€ refund.



Hours | Saturday - Sunday

Morning : 9am – 10.30pm | 11am – 1pm.

Afternoon : 2pm – 3.30pm | 4pm – 6pm.

*There will be a briefing in the morning and afternoon.

Half day : 70€

1 Day : 120€

2 Days : 200€

Extra costs:

Extra pilot : 20€

Booking 15 days before the HEM : 20€


Track Experience ( approx. 20mins ) : 20€ | Sign-up at the event only.

Track registrations : contact us by email at

One wristband per person will be given, you have to keep on all weekend.

*Registrations will be done by date/time of arrival, then by payments.
**The prices give you access to the track + event.
***The prices are for the driver + 1 passenger.


The food truck will be open from Friday evening to Sunday lunch, by :


More informations soon More informations soon.


BBQs are authorized. You need to have at least 5L of water nearby, just in case.


For sleeping at the HEM, you may camp on site, don't forget to bring your tents !


If you leave the event to go to sleep in a hotel, don’t take you wristband off. It will allow you to come back the next day without having to pay again.


On site, you will find toilets and showers.



Each year, more and more shops join us to offer you nice items :


HEM Shop | Honda Euro Meet goodies.


Honda | Honda France.

Fullcartuning | Dutch shop, specialized in aftermarket and OEM parts for japanese cars.

Meguiar’s | Cleaning products.

Autoworks | Japanese car magazine.

Polish Auto | Cleaning and detailing company.


And more | And more.


| More informations soon |

Wanna come ?

Wanna come ?

You may not resist after seen the official videos of the HondaEuroMeet !

Show the HEM on a map ?

Show the HEM on a map ?

If you're alone, convoys from all over the Europe will waiting for you !