What do the letters “HEM” mean ?

The three letters are for Honda Euro Meet.

What is the HondaEuroMeet ?

The HondaEuroMeet, as its name suggests, is a European event that brings together Honda enthusiasts, and their car, each year.

The HondaEuroMeet = 1200 cars and 2500 fans gathered each year.
What happens at the HEM ?

Each year, this event takes place during the summer, over a weekend, on a racetrack. On one side you have the race track, where Honda fans race their cars; and on the other side, the “Meet” where all the Hondas are parked. You will be able to check out the wildest projects, and talk about Honda to the end of the night with the most passionate fans of the brand !

What is on during the HEM ?

Track, car meet, shopping area, camping with friends and all the games and events that we have organized for you, you will not have time to get bored! Everything is there for you to have a nice and memorable weekend, and you will only have one desire: to be next year for the next event !

Can I participate in the HEM ?

As the name suggests, the Honda Euro Meet is an event exclusively for Hondas. The event is open to all Hondas, from a bog standard Honda, to a fully modded car ! 

How do I take part in the HEM ?

EASY ! You have two options : 
You love motorsport and you want to try out the racetrack ?

Arm yourself with your car keys, your gloves and helmet, your best shoes, a few tools and book in advance your track sessions.

If reservations are full, it does not matter, you can always test your Honda during a track experience session!


You wanna show off your Honda with other enthusiasts ?

Arm yourself with a casual outfit, your best bathing suit, flip flops, sunglasses and we’ll see you there, or you can book your ticket on our website.

More information on the upcoming event ?

More information on the upcoming event ?

25 & 26th August 2018.

HEM 2018
A little history of the HondaEuroMeet ?

A little history of the HondaEuroMeet ?

If you wanna know how the HEM is born.