• The HondaEuroMeet is recruiting!

The HondaEuroMeet is recruiting !

Becoming a HEM Volunteer


If you’re on this page, it’s probably because you would like to help us out during the HEM weekend. But before filling anything in, make sure you fulfill the following criterias :


To be a good volunteer, you need :

  • Have a good level in English or Dutch.
  • Like Hondas (of course).
  • To really be motivated ! The HEM weekend isn’t at all restful on the organization side.
  • Be available from the Friday (9 am) to the Sunday (5 pm), on the weekend of the HEM.


If you have all the criterias, then you can send us your application using the following entry form !



So as to limit the number of applications, and to help us make the best choice, could you please write us a short, but concise, cover letter that covers the following :

  • A short presentation of your professional experiences.
  • A short text about your passion for Hondas.
  • Why do you want to be part of the HEM staff ?
  • How long have you known the HEM, and which ones did you attend ?



Start Typing !