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2010 - Premier Honda Euro Meet

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  • A beautiful inspiration
  • A beautiful inspiration

A beautiful inspiration

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The HondaEuroMeet

is a creation of Adrien Tignon (Brabus or Brab's), a young French intern in 2010 at Fullcartuning (Nijkerk, Netherlands). Fullcartuning (Nijkerk, Pays-Bas).

Inspired by Japanese car events, Adrien offered the manager of Fullcartuning to hold a meet around his shop. The objective of this gathering was to bring together Honda enthusiasts from the area, potential customers of the store, as well as enthusiasts from neighboring countries.

Against all odds; this event attracted many enthusiasts, some even made the journey from the South of France, to the center of the Netherlands !

A European rally !

After the success of this first edition, an idea grew in Adrien’s mind : Organize an event at a European level. The HEM was born.

Once Adrien was back in France, and with the help of his childhood friend Justin Post, they created Brab's Events, an association intended to formalize and continue the story of the Honda Euro Meet. So it could be said that the gathering in the Netherlands was HEM#1, and the first of a long series.

Adrien and Justin could not manage to organize such an event on their own. They then formed a small team of friends and family members who supported them in the  hem crewpreparation of the HEM.
Adrien is now surrounded, since the 2nd edition of HEM, by the members of his team with some additional people each year: the HEM CREW.




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